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Continue the Love.Food Drive Plus.Operaton Apple
Bring our neighborhoods together to support their community. While having a some fun in the process.

Learn about one neighborhood story Encourages other neighborhoods
Tapping into resources and talents outside your front door.

Select one of the presentations to learn more on how you can make a difference in your neighborhood.

.pdf Slide Show Rotary Club
South Burlington, Vermont
Self Guided Prerecorded - Orchard NHN Project
Running time 16.34

Questions? Need help getting started? Contact a NHN Project Organizer.
Other neighborhood projects

Orchard Neighborhood "Shoveling for A Cause" Alzheimer's Awareness

New Year's Eve Glow Parade 2022
(video starts at 1.36 minutes in video clip)

Project Peonies.Walk to End Alzheimer's.Free McIntosh on McIntosh

Neighborhood social events

Colors and Cocktails.Lilacs and Libation.New Years Eve Glow Parade