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Neighbors Helping Neighbors Project
"How to plan social events and fundraising efforts in your neighborhood"
Tapping into resources and talents right outside your front door
Our Mission: Educate, inspire and motivate others in neighborhoods to organize social events and fundraising efforts to give back to their community.

Grassroots Neighbors Helping Neighbors community, bring together like minded individuals in neighborhoods all over the US to plan social events, fundraising efforts and promote volunteering opportunities directly in your neighborhood. Helping support your community, county and state. This project is inspired by The Orchards (South Burlington, Vermont) - Neighbors Helping Neighbors Project (Facebook: Friends of Beacon Apartments) raising over $110k in donations (while having some fun in the process).

NHN Project (Live by Zoom)
Individual or Group Community Forum
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Customized Forum/Prerecorded
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Rotary Club
South Burlington, Vermont
Alzheimer's Association
New England Chapters
with Howard Goodrow - ED ALZ VT

If you are active in the community, wish to become active or just want to learn more, this new free forum is for you. You will learn how to plan and execute successful (proven) programs that not only builds awareness and inspires, but also will bring people together. We discuss social activities, planning, promotion, safety, benefits, brainstorming ideas and much more. If you are part of a nonprofit organization, community group or a business and would like to motivate and inspire your volunteers, members or employees. Email us to set up a private (customized/tailored) forum for your organization, group, or business. for more information.

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“It’s amazing the difference a small neighborhood can make,” Louis Godin, Neighborhood Organizer for Orchard Neighbors Helping Neighbors, said. “If it’s hunger, mental health or just bringing a smile, love and kindness to others, it’s all worth the effort. Our amazing neighbors’ efforts have turned into great accomplishments in our community. More neighborhoods should get involved to support their community."