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Weld, James C
B-May 30, 1940--D-
Lot # 11 & 12-2 Places
Lot numbers changed to lot # 35 A & B-2 Places
Son of Floyd and Lois (Thomson) Weld

Weld, Gloria A (McCuin)
B--April 9, 1942--D-
Lot # 11 & 12-2 Places
Lot numbers changed to lot # 35 A & B-2 Places
Daughter of Guy and Florence (Martin) McCuin
Section E-Row 5

West, Charles J
B-June 18, 1897--D-May 7, 1970
Lot # 230-J-2 Places
Son of Thomas R and Margaret (LaRush) West

West, Alberta B (Sheltra)
B-July 15, 1903--D-May 26, 1993
Lot # 230-J-2 Places
Daughter of Dorick and Ida (Shover) Sheltra
Section C-Row 2-Stone No. 2

West, Charles Thomas
B-Jan. 26, 1934--D-Nov. 16, 1936
Lot # 179-2 Places
Son of Charles J and Alberta (Sheltra) West
Born in Johnson, Vermont and Died in Richford, Vermont
Section A-Row 2-Stone No. 1

West, Lynwood "Chick"
B-March 17, 1930--D-Oct. 16, 2011
Son of Charles J and Alberta B (Sheltra) West
Veteran of Foreign Wars, serving in Korea
Lot # I-2 Places

West, Rose Marie (Smith)
B-Mar. 24, 1925--D- July 19, 2011
Lot # I-2 Places
Daughter of Ferdinand O and Mary L (Larose) Smith
Section E-Row 1

Wetherby, Donald A
B-May 19, 1954--D-
Lot # VA-16-17-18-3 Places
Lot numbers changed to Lot # 29-B and 30 A & B--3 Places
Son of Donald and Barbara (Snider) Wetherby

Wetherby, Madeline P (Paquette)
B-Sept. 6, 1959--D-
Lot # VA-16-17-18-3 Places
Lot numbers changed to Lot # 29-B and 30 A & B--3 Places
Daughter of Gerard and Therese (Laroche) Paquette

Wetherby, Jesse A

B-Nov. 18, 1985--D-Jan. 1, 2012
Lot # VA-16-17-18-3 Places
Lot numbers changed to Lot # 29-B and 30 A & B--3 Places
Son of Donald A and Madeline P (Paquette) Wetherby
Funeral on January 7th 2012--Buried in Lot # 29-B
Section E-Row 5

Wetherby, Harold B Jr.--
B-Oct. 9, 1935--D-Aug. 4, 1975
Lot # 141-A-3 Place
Son of Harold Sr. and Clara (Greene) Wetherby
Section C-X-Row 2-Stone No. 10

Wetherby, Robert W
Lot # P-120-2 Places

Wetherby, Ellareta “Reta” (Wetherby)
B-Sept. 6, 1925--D-Dec. 26, 2002
Lot # P-120-2 Places
Section G-Row 2

Wetherby, Wayne
Lot # V-2 Places
Section E-Row 1-No Stone

White, Infant Son of A & J White
No Dates
Lot # 219-X-1 Place
Section C-X-Row 1-Stone No. 8

Wildung, Frank Henry
B-June 7, 1892--D-Dec. 1, 1971
Lot # 151-A-2 Places
Son of Deitrich and Margaret (Fike) Wildung--Born in Holgate, Ohio
Vermont SGT 307 MTR Trans Corps WW I

Wildung, Edith M (Colton)
B-July 8, 1894--D-March 18, 1975
Lot # 151-A-2 Places
Daughter of Charles and Margaret (Soutiere) Colton
Born in frelighsburg, Quebec-Section D-Row 10-Stone No. 3

Willette, Marion
B-Nov. 14, 1919--D-Oct. 4, 1986
Lot # 214-B-1 Place
Section D-Row 1 No Headstone

Wilson, George A
B-Mar. 1850--D-Nov. 22, 1927
Lot # 2-2 Places
Son of William and Catherine Wilson
Born in Three Rivers, Quebec

Wilson, Orsullia Ursule M (Bressette)
B-Mar. 20, 1857--D-Oct. 23, 1927
Lot # 2-2 Places
Daughter of Charles and Domithilde Matilda (Mathieux) Bressette
Born in Sherbrooke, Quebec and Died in Groveville, New Hampshire
Section B-Row 1-Stone No. 5

Wilson, Charles E
B-1884--D-June 12, 1902
Lot # 2-A-1 Place
Son of George A & L A Wilson--Accidentally killed at the veneer works
Section B-Row 1-Stone No. 6

Wilson, I. J.
Lot # 95-A-4 Places

Wilson, Mary
Lot # 95-A-4 Places

Wilson, Bion O
Buried May 5, 1966
Lot # 95-A-4 Places

Wilson, Laura B
Lot # 95-A-4 Places
Section A-Row 2-Stone No. 20

Wilson, Emogene
B-1903--D-4 Months Old
Lot # 95-A-4 Places
Emogene Daughter of B & L Wilson
Section A-Row 2-Stone No. 21

Wolfe, Jean--
B-Dec. 11, 1965--D-
Lot # B-40-1 Place
Section E-Row 4

Wright, Clayton A--
B-June 17, 1929--D-Mar. 18, 1987 (Cremated)
Lot # 42-B-4 Places
Section B-Row 6-Stone No. 6

Wright, Arthur C
B-Aug. 10, 1883--D-Apr. 22,1972
Lot # 42-B-4 Places
Son of Hiram and Emma (Cooley) Wight

Wright, Beatrice P (Audette)
B-Aug. 18, 1896--D-Aug. 12, 1971
Lot # 42-B-4 Places
Daughter of Harrison and Rose (Guyette) Audette
Section B-Row 6-Stone No. 7

Wright, Earl H
B-Aug. 11, 1902--D-Aug. 28, 1980
Lot # 130-C-2 Places
Son of Lucius and Edith Wright

Wright, Linnie M (Lumbra)
B-July 14, 1905--D-Sept. 19, 1965
Lot # 130-C-2 Places
Daughter of Herbert and Nellie (Bonnett) Lumbra Section C-Row 10-Stone No. 8