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Rabbetts, Ann (Colver)
Lot # 76-B-3 Places
Section B-Row 3-Stone No. 12

Raber, William Henry
B-1885--D-July 24, 1977--Cremated
Lot # 15-4 Places

Raber, Ruth Alice (Hoben)
B-1899--D-Oct. 13, 1980--Cremated
Lot # 15-4 Places
Section B-Row 2-Stone No. 5

Rabitoy, Paul M
Lot # 120-B-4 Places

Rabitoy, Evelyn B
Lot # 120-B-4 Places

Rabitoy, Charles
B-Feb. 25, 1909--D-Sept. 3, 1967
Lot # 120-B-4 Places
Son of Paul and Evelyn (Bean) Rabitoy
Section C-Row 12-Stone No. 4

Rabstow, Catharine (Trudell)
B-1800--D-Dec. 11, 1885
Lot # X-20-1 Place

Rabstow, Albert--B-1817
D-April 3, 1886
Lot # X-21-1 Place
Section A-Row 1-Stone No. 10

Race, William L Sr.
B-May 23, 1956--D-Feb. 9, 1985
Lot # 154-E-2 Places
PVT US Army--Son of John and Arlene (McQueen) Race
Born in Manchester, New Hampshire

Race, Tina A (Machia)
Lot # 154-E-2 Places
Section G-Row 1

Racine, Alexander
B-April 15, 1913--D-Jan. 21, 1980
Lot # 102-M-2 Places
Son of Joseph and Delphine (Rabtoy) Racine

Racine, Noella F (Vincent)
B-Dec. 23, 1915--D-Oct. 26, 1984
Lot # 102-M-2 Places
Daughter of Oswald and Clara (Duval) Vincent
Section G-Row 1

Rhodes, Francis D
B-April 4, 1927--D-Sept. 19, 1945
Lot # 111-A-1Place
S 2/C 667-90-95
Section C-Row 3-Stone No. 5

Riley, John Burke
Son of Lord John and Mary (Burke) Riley
Lot # 146-6 Places

Riley, Brigid Louise (Haughian)
Daughter of Michael and Mary (Hanna) Haughian
Lot # 146-6 Places-Section D-Row 4-Stone No. 1

Riley, John H
Son of John Burke and Brigid Louise (Haughian) Riley
Lot # 146-6 Places-Section D-Row 4-Stone No. 3

Richford, Town of
No Information
Lot # 112-4 Places

Robert, Marguerite
B- --D-Aug. 3, 1907
Lot # 100-B-8 Places
Section C-Row 10-Stone No. 2

Roberts, Donald C
B-Dec. 22, 1922--D-Jan. 18, 2015
Lot # G-1-1 Place
Son of Hermidoes and Adeline (Paquette) Roberts
Born in South Richford and Died in Burlington, Vermont
Cremated, Buried on right side of Headstone down from Norma on May 22, 2015

Roberts, Norma M (Butler)
B-Feb. 2, 1924--D-June 1, 2005
Lot # Lot # G-1-1 Place
Daughter of Harry Sr. and Mabel (Garland) Butler
Born in Sutton, Quebec and Died in St. Albans, Vermont
Cremated - Buried on Right side of Headstone close to Headstone
Section E-Row 1

Roberts, Edmond F
B-May 7, 1931--D-Nov. 29, 1965
Lot # 7-E-3 Places
Son of Armand A and Simone (Fountaine) Roberts
Buried May 10, 1966

Roberts, Phyllis (Mills)
Lot # 7-E-3 Places

Roberts, Fernand E
B-May 7, 1931--D-Nov. 29, 1965
Lot # 7-E-3 Places
Vermont PVT US Army
Section B-Row 7-Stone No. 5

Robitaille, Maurice E
B-July 30, 1916--D-Mar. 14, 1999
Lot # 306-4 Places
Son of Leandre and Emerilea (Beauvis) Robitaille
Born in Ange-Gardien, Quebec

Robitaille, Jeannette D (St. Jules)
B-Oct. 18, 1918--D-April 22, 2009
Lot # 306-4 Places
Daughter of Olivier and Salomee (Gemme) St. Jules
Born in L.Ange Gardien Quebec
Section D-Row 3-Stone No. 9

Robitaille, Micheline R F
B-Feb. 26, 1953--D-July 27, 1958
Lot # 62-B-1 Place
Daughter of Maurice and Jeannette (St. Jules) Robitaille
Born and Died in Berkshire, Vermont
Section B-Row 1-Stone No. 12

Robitaille, Norman R
B-Dec. 21, 1949--D-Dec. 25, 2012
Lot # 34-A & B-2 Places
Son of Maurice E and Jeannette (St. Jules) Robitaille
Born in Berkshire and Died in St. Albans, Vermont
Buried on left side of Lot on June 8, 2012

Robitaille, Bonnie (Dunakin)
B--Sept. 22, 1938--D-
Lot # 34-A & B-2 Places
Daughter of Harold and Madelyn (Corey) Dunakin
Section E-Row 5

Rock, Leo Paul
Lot # 131-E-2 Places

Rock, Lucille (Pinsonneault)
Lot # 131-E-2 Places
Section C-X-Row 1-Stone No. 2

Rogerson, Christopher
Lot # 51-D-2 Places

Rogerson, Rose Alma
Lot # 51-D-2 Places
Section B-Row 2-Stone No. 9

Royea, Aven Michael
B-May 26, 2013--D-Feb. 24, 2015
Lot # 102-S-2 Places
Son of Kevin and Joslynn (Bessette) Royea Jr.
Born in St. Albans and Died in Burlington, Vermont
Buried in front of Headstone on May 26, 2015
Section G-Row 4

Royea, Louis
Lot # 174-A-2 Places
Veterans Flag--No Marker or Information

Royea, Eleonard A (Prive)
B-Oct. 8, 1879--D-Aug. 2, 1985
Lot # 174-A-2 Places
Daughter of Charles and Cecile (Bergeron) Prive
Born in St. Joseph B’Ely, Quebec
Section A-Row 6-Stone No. 1

Royer, William A
Lot # 123-C-2 Places

Royer, Madeleine (Benson)
Lot # 123-C-2 Places
Section C-Row 3-Stone No. 11

Roystan, Bessie--B-Jan. 12, 1888
D-Jan. 22, 1888
Lot # 38-6 Places
Daughter of Nelson & Nellie Roystan
Section B-Row 1-Stone No. 8

Roystan, Nelson P
B-June 18, 1861--D-Nov. 24, 1905
Lot # 38-6 Places

Roystan, Nellie H (Charron)
B-Dec. 20, 1864--D-Apr. 19, 1943
Lot # 38-6 Places
Section B-Row 1-Stone No. 9

Rushford, Lawrence
B-Mar. 23, 1915--D-May 21, 1979
Lot # 305-2 Places
Veterans Flag--No Marker or Information
Son of Albert and Jessie (Deforge) Rushford

Rushford, Audrey (Sabourin)
B-July 23, 1916--D-May 17, 1973
Lot # 305-2 Places
Daughter of Raymond and Melvina (Busker) Sanbourin
Section D-Row 4-Stone No. 11

Rushlow, Lawrence G
B-Mar. 23, 1915--D-May 21, 1979
Lot # 131-D-1 Place
Veteran of WW II--Son of Samuel and Lynda (Sheldon) Rushlow
Section C-X-Row 1-Stone No. 4

Rushlow, Kerry--B-Jan. 8, 1962
D-June 10, 1966-4 Years Old
Lot # 131-7 Places
Son of Lyle E and Joyce (Lumbra) Rushlow

Rushlow, Keith
B-Aug. 26, 1965--D-June 10, 1966
1 Years Old
Lot # 131-7 Places
Son of Lyle E and Joyce (Lumbra) Rushlow
Keith and Kerry Rushlow both died in the fire of their burning home
Statue of Blessed Virgin Mary with an angle on both sides.
Section C-X-Row 2-Stone No. 6

Rushlow, Lyle E
B-Jan. 18, 1933--D-Jan. 17, 2011
Lot # 131-7 Places
Son of Lawrence and Louise (Pollender) Rushlow
Rushlow, Joyce (Lumbra)
Lot # 131-7 Places

Louise Owens
B- 1915--D-1975
Lot # 131-7 Places
Louise Cremated-Buried in July in Lyle Rushlow Lot
Urn buried beneath her headstone
Section C-X-Row 2-Stone No. 7

Rushlow, Kevin C
B-Dec. 18, 1952--D-July 5, 2004
Lot # 131-7 Places
A B-Air Force
Section C-X-Row 2-Stone No. 8

Ryan, ? (Fryer)
B-- D-Aug. 21, 1917
Born in Chambly, Quebec--Wife of William Ryan
Lot Buried Unknown

Ryea, Fred
Lot # 135-6 Places

Ryea, Julia (Mercy)
Lot # 135-6 Places
Section C-Row 5-Stone No. 12

Ryea, Henry N
Lot # 174-A-4 Places

Ryea, Eliza J (Little)
Lot # 174-A-4 Places

Ryea, Louis
B- No Dates
Lot # 174-A-4 Places
Section C-Row 3-Stone No. 15