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Faufaw, Francis
B- D-Mar. 20, 1901
Born in Canada Lot Buried Unknown

Favreau, Gaiten
Lot # 195-2Places

Favreau, Lillian (Despres)
B-Oct. 13, 1918--D-Mar. 29, 2006
Lot # 195-2 Places
Daughter of Hilaire and Mary (Boisvert)
Despres-Born in Shawinigan, Falls Quebec
Section B-Row 1-Stone No. 1

Fecteau, Gaspard
Lot # 154-D-2 Places

Fecteau, Roseanna (Delisle)
Lot # 154-D-2 Places

Fecteau, Loretta L
B-1935--D-Sept. 30, 2005 (Cremated)
Lot # 154-D-2 Places
Section C-Row 13-Stone No. 3

Ferland, Mary Paule
Lot # X-2-1 Place
Section A-Row 1-Stone No. 1

Fife, Donald L
B-Aug. 6, 1895--D-July 22, 1973
Lot # 104-4 Places
Son of Samuel and Adeline (Rabtoy) Fife

Fife, Josephine A (Viens)
B-Jan. 19, 1895--D-Mar. 5, 1977
Lot # 104-4 Places
Daughter of Delor N and Auglore M (Molleur) Viens--Born in Eastman, Quebec
Lot # 104 is under name of Dolor Vien
Section C-Row 5-Stone No. 3

Fillingim, William G
Lot # 3-4 Places

Fillingim, Flora (Dufresne)
Lot # 3-4 Places

Filingham, Peter
½- Lot # 3- 4 Places
Section B-Row 2-Stone No. 4

Flanagan, Yale H
B-July 30, 1899--D-April 27, 1966
Lot # 21-8 Places
Son of Peter and Josephine (Mosher) Flanagan

Flanagan, Hazel D (Langelier)
B-June 14, 1905--D-May 19, 1970
Lot # 21-8 Places
Daughter of Jeremiah and Grace (Valliers) Langelier
Born in Marlboro, Massachusetts

Flanagan, Josephine A
B-May 21, 1891--D-June 15, 1968
Lot # 21-8 Places
Daughter of Peter and Josephine (Mosher) Flanagan

Flanagan, Peter M
B-July 25, 1853--D-July 16, 1909
Lot # 21-8 Places

Flanagan, Josephine E
B-Sept. 24, 1861--D-Dec. 6, 1934
Lot # 21-8 Places

Flanagan, Edward Francis
B--Feb. 11, 1929--D-Apr. 29, 2009
Born in St. Albans-Son of Yale H and Hazel D (Langelier) Flanagan
US Army in Germany WW II-Cremated-Buried May 23, 2009
Urn Buried one foot back on right side in front of Headstone
Lot # 21-8 Places

Flanagan, Also two Babies Buried in Lot # 21
Lot # 21-8 Places
Section A-Row 5-Stone No. 7

Fletcher, Horace
B-Feb. 20, 1900--D-Nov. 19, 1969
Lot # 114-6 Places

Fletcher, Mary H (Bishop)
B-June 15, 1900--D-1974
Lot # 114-6 Places
Daughter of Louis and Selina (Dueso) Bishop Section C-Row 6-Stone No. 2

Fournier, Elphege
B-Aug. 23, 1885--D-Apr. 8, 1961
Lot # 240-2 Places
Son of Alfred and Florence (Samson) Fournier
Born In St. Sebastien, Quebec and Died in St. Albans, Vermont

Fournier, Florida (Bourgea)
B-Nov. 16, 1885--D-Nov. 10, 1950
Lot # 240-2 Places
Daughter of Ceade and Rose Delia (Smith) Bourgea
Born In Dunham, Quebec and Died in Berkshire, Vermont
Section D-Row 7-Stone No. 8

Fournier, Lucienne T (Surprenant)
B-Nov. 16, 1921--D-July 14, 2009
Lot # 20-1 Place
Daughter of Eugene and Marie (Fillion) Surprenant
Born in Adamsville, Que.
Section E-Row 2

Fournier, John L
B-January 1, 1957--D-
Lot # 21-1 Place
Son of Adelord and Lucienne (Surprenant) Fournier
Section E-Row 2

Ford, Robert
B-1908--D-Died March 20, 1911
Lot # 156-C-1 Place
Son of E & S Ford--3 Years Old
Section C-Row 13-Stone No. 5

Forgus, Alphonse
B-1988--D-Oct. 7, 1908
Lot # 101-6 Place
Alphonse Died in Quaker Oats Company Explosion
on Oct. 7, 1908 Section C-Row 11-Stone No. 1

Frechette, Noel
Lot # 69-B-4 Places
Spanish War Veteran--1899-1902

Frechette, Mary E (Soutiere)
B -1855--D-1928
Lot # 69-B-4Places

Frechette, George J
Son of N & M. E. Frechette
Lot # 69-B-4 Places

Frechette, Daniel E
Son of N & M. E. Frechette16 years old
Lot # 69-B-4 Places
Section A-Row 5-Stone No.17
Children Of Noel and Mary E Frechette

Frechette, Mary E
Died Sept 12, 1887
Daughter of Noel and Mary E-21 Days Old

Frechette, Alice H
Died May 9, 1891
Daughter of Noel and Mary E. 14 Days Old

Frechette, Henry
Died June 10, 1881--
Son of Noel and Mary E. Frechette--21 days
Lot # 69-A-4 Places
Section A-Row 5-Stone No.16

Frechette, Robert J
B-May 21, 1919--D-July 24, 2013
Lot # 1014-3 Places
Son of Harry and Anne (Garland) Frechette
Born in Berkshire and Died in Burlington, Vermont
Cremated and Buried 30 inch back from left Center of Headstone

Frechette, Simone M (Smith)
Lot # 1014-3 Places
Daughter of Ferdinand O and Mary L (Larose) Smith

Frechette, John R
B-Jan. 9, 1956--D-Sept. 8, 1979
Lot # 1014-3 Places
SP4 US Army--Son of Robert and Simone (Smith) Frechette
Born in St. Albans and Died in Burlington, Vermont
Buried on Right of Headstone

Frechette, Christine (Guiles)
Lot # 1014-3 Places
Section D-Row 5-Stone No. 3

Fuller, Joanne (Lavalla)
B-March 12, 1960--D-
Lot # VA-19-1 Place
Lot numbers changed to Lot # 28-A & B-2 Places
Daughter of Kenneth and Suzanne (Tetreault) Lavalla
Section E-Row 5
Also has another Lot # 71-1 Place in Section E-Row 4