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Caples, Arnold R
B-Oct. 30, 1920--D-Oct. 18, 1997
Lot # 44 & B-44-2 Places

Caples, Lida B (Jewett)
B-May 10, 1925--D-Oct. 8, 2005
Lot # 44 & B-44-2 Places
Daughter of Martin and Irene (Ariel) Jewett
Section E-Row 3

Caples, Clayton A.
B-January 13, 1893--D-May 4, 1976
Lot # 130-B-2 Places
Son of Arnold and Avis (Smith) Caples

Caples, Elizabeth M (Lumbra)
B-August 19, 1896--D-July 19, 1973-Lot # 130-B-2 Places
Daughter of Herbert and Ella (Donna) Lumbra
Section C-Row 10-Stone No. 7

B-1930--Infant son of Clayton A and Elizabeth (Lumbra) Caples
Lot # X-5 1 place
Section A-Row 1-Stone No. 4

Carr, Donald J
Lot # 310-2 Places

Carr, Irene (Gendron)
B-July 24, 1942--D-June 18,1974
Lot # 310-2 Places
Daughter of Robert and Marion (Tatro) Gendron
Died in car Accident
Section D-Row 1-Stone No. 11

Carr, Larry
Lot # R & S-120-2 Places
Section G-Row 2

Casavant, Frank
B-No Headstone-No Dates
Lot # 66-2-Places
Veteran of US Army
Section B-Row 6

Casavant, Bernard
Lot # 72-4 Places

Casavant, Francois Regis Jr.
Lot # 72-4 Places
Son of Francois Regis Sr. and Therese (Meunier) Casavant
Born in Canada

Casavant, Bridget (Gibney)
Lot # 72-4 Places
Section A-Row 2-Stone No. 17

Casavant, Charles Arthur
B-Feb. 17, 1859--D-June 4, 1901
Lot # 76-4 Places
Son of Francois Regis and Therese (Meunier) Casavant

Casavant, Melinda Adelphie (Mosier)
Oct. 2, 1859--D-Feb. 15, 1901
Lot # 76-4 Places
Daughter of Ephraim and Esther (Bessennette) Mosier
Born in St. Armand, Quebec

Casavant, Arthur Edward
B-July 6, 1881--D-Aug. 22, 1891
Lot # 76-4 Places
Son of Charles Arthur and Melinda Adelphie (Mosier) Casavant-10 Years Old
Section B-Row 3-Stone No. 12

Casavant, Francois R Sr.
March 10, 1824--D-Jan. 23, 1906
Lot # 62-6 Places
Son of Jean-Baptiste and Theotiste (Menard) Casavant
Born in St. Pie Bagot, Quebec

Casavant, Therese (Meunier)
B-1824--D-Oct. 18, 1891
Lot # 62-6 Places
Daughter of Joseph and Josephte (Sansouci) Meunier
Section B-Row 1-Stone No.14

Casavant, Exilda
B-Jun. 6, 1854--D-Sept. 10, 1922
Lot Buried Unknown
Daughter of Francois R and Therese Casavant

Cassavant, Olive (Donna)
Lot # 67-1 Place
Section B-Row 7-Stone No. 13

Chalifoux, Mrs. Joseph
B- --D-Mar. 10, 1919
Lot Buried Unknown
Born in Canada

Chalifoux, John
B-Nov. 2, 1942--D-Aug. 14, 2017
Lot # 59 & 60-2 Places
Army National Guard Sgt. 1st Class
Son of Andre and Celina (Couture) Chalifoux
Born in Abercorn, Que. and Died in Burlington, VT
Buried in Grave 59

Charboneau, Marie Paulette
B-June 27, 1955--D-Nov 30, 1955
Lot Buried Unknown
Marie Paulette Died in her Home House Fire
Buried May 18, 1956

Charron, Isaac
B-Sept. 26, 1839--D-Feb. 28, 1903
Lot # 38-6 Places

Charron, Jane M (Benjamin)
B-March 1, 1846--D-May 7, 1918
Lot # 38-6 Places
Section B-Row 1-Stone No. 9

Charron, Claude
B-July 24, 1943--D-
Lot # 40-2 Places
Son of Theobald and Rosilda (Parent) Charron

Charron, Lise (St. Pierre)
B-July 6, 1946--D-
Lot # 40-2 Places
Daughter of Evariste and Anne Marie (Brochu) St. Pierre
Section E-Row 3

Charron, Godefroi J
B-Mar. 28, 1868--D-Sept. 27, 1942
Lot # 198-A-4 Places
Son of Louis and Christine (Cote) Charron
Born in St. Cesaire, Que.

Charron, Adelina M (Breault)
B-Apr. 9, 1869--D-Jan. 23, 1941
Lot # 198-A-4 Places
Daughter of Andre and Adele (Perron) Breault
Born in Angeles, Que.
Section D-Row 7-Stone No. 2

Charron, Romeo O
B-April 9, 1906--D-Aug. 2, 1977
Lot # 198-A-4 Places
Son of Godefroi and Adeline (Breault) Charron
Born in Dunham, Quebec

Charron, Blanche (Paquette)
B-April 22, 1911--D-July 5, 2002
Lot # 198-A-4 Places
Daughter of Mastai and Arselie (Gregoire) Paquette
Born in St. Cuthbert, Quebec
Section D-Row 7-Stone No. 3

Charron, Hubert
B-Oct. 29, 1835--D-Oct. 8, 1908
Lot # 88-A-4 Places

Charron, Mary E
B-Mar. 6, 1848--D-April 1, 1913
Lot # 88-A-4 Places

Charron, Cordule
B-Aug. 25, 1842--D-Feb. 5, 1908
Lot # 88-A-4 Places
Section B-Row 3-Stone No. 15

Cheeseman, John G
B-Aug. 20, 1953--D-Nov. 17, 1999
Lot # 274-A--4 Places
US Navy
Section D-Row 7-Stone No. 10

Cheeseman, Robert J
B-Oct. 13, 1921--D-May 2, 1967
Lot # 274-A-4 Places
Son of Albert and Ella (Hayward) Cheeseman

Cheeseman, Florence (Wright)
Lot # 274-A-4 Places

Cheeseman, Timothy--Baby
B & D-1952
Lot # 274-A-4 Places
Section D-Row 7-Stone No. 11

Clark, Douglas Francis
B-Nov. 23, 1926--D-May 24, 1976
Lot # 120-J-2 Places
CPL US Army-Korea--Son of Francis and Mildred (Jacobs) Clark

Clark, Theresa
Luther was buried in this lot instead of Theresa
Lot # 120-J-2 Places

Clark, Luther Edward
B-March 29, 1930--D-Feb. 28, 2008
Lot # 120-J-2 Places
CPL US Army-Korea--Son of Francis and Mildred (Jacobs) Clark
Luther.s Funeral on March 3, 2008, Buried on May 9, 2008
Section G-Row 1

Clark, Francis J
Lot # 118-A-2 Places

Clark, Mildred J (Jacobs)
B-July 6, 1899--D-1982
Lot # 118-A-2 Places
Daughter of Homer and Flora (Shover) Jacobs
Section C-Row 10-Stone No. 5

Clark, Joseph
Lot # 134-2 Places

Clark, Anna (Sloan)
Lot # 134-2 Places
Section C-Row 4-Stone No.8

Coderre, William M
B-1904--Buried May 12, 1965
Lot # 187-4 Places

Coderre, Albina A
Lot # 187-4 Places
Section A-Row 2-Stone No. 3

Coderre, Roy Gaston
B-April 3, 1941--D-May 5, 1961
Lot # 187-4 Places
Section A-Row 2-Stone No. 2

Coderre, Henry E
B-March 7, 1886--D-May 1, 1917
Lot # 100-B-6 Places

Coderre, Mary Louise (Vincent)
B-Jan. 8, 1886--D-Apr. 17, 1939
Lot # 100-B-6 Places

Coderre, Leona C
B-March 21, 1913--D-May 25, 2008
Lot # 100-B-6 Places
(Cremated) Buried August 22, 2008
Section C-Row 10-Stone No. 2

Coderre, Rita M
Lot # X-4-1 Place
Section A-Row 1-Stone No. 3

Cole, Shirley
B-June 5, 1927--D-March 17, 2011
Born in Spokane, Washington--Cremated, Urn Buried
Three feet back from center of Headstone on December 4, 2011
Lot # 33-B-1 Place--Section E-Row 5

Collette, Lewis
Lot # 15-4 Places

Collette, Belle (Jacobs)
Lot # 15-4 Places
Section B-Row 2-Stone No. 7

Colton, Charles
Lot # 151-B-2 Places

Colton, Margaret (Soutierre)
Lot # 151-B-2 Places
Section D-Row 10-Stone No. 2

Colver, Roah, Esther (Casavant)
B-July 9, 1892--D-June 12, 1970
Lot # 76-B-4 Places
Daughter of Charles A and Melinda Adelphie (Mosier) Casavant
Section B-Row 3-Stone No. 12

Comtois, Armand P
B-April 13, 1912--D-1991
Lot # 198-2 Places
Son of Paul and Mary (Cournoyer) Comtois
Born in Woonsocket, Rhode Island

Comtois, Camil A
Lot # 198-2 Places
Son of Paul and Mary (Cournoyer) Comtois
Born in Woonsocket, Rhode Island
Section D-Row 8-Stone No. 2

Comtois, Joseph Paul
B-July 11, 1886--D-1966
Lot # 237-2 Places

Comtois, Stella M
Lot # 237-2 Places

Comtois, Raymond P
Lot # 237-2 Places

Comtois, Pauline
Lot # 237-2 Places

Comtois, (Baby)
Lot # 237-2 Places
Section D-Row 8-Stone No. 5

Conklin, John A
B-Oct. 29, 1917--D-
Lot # D 6-A & B 7-3 Places

Conklin, Jeanne L (Lariviere)
B-Aug. 21, 1915--D-July 25, 2004
Lot D 6-A & B 7-3 Places

Conklin, John "Jack" L
B-Dec. 9, 1942--D-
Lot # D-6-A & B 7-3 Places
Section E-Row 2

Conner, Paul
B-July 18, 1940--
Lot # 33, 34, 34-A-3 Places

Conner, Rosalie
Lot # 33, 34, 34-A-3 Places
Section E-Row 3
Notice of Paul and Rosalie Conner’s Lots
Lot # 33, 33-A & 34 were acquired by Annette Blouin
and has given permission for her Descendants to be
buried in these Lots as long as there is room for them.
In Section E-Row 3

Coulombe, Laurent
B-Jan. 25, 1923--D-Mar. 6, 2001
(Cremated)--Lot # 201-1 Place

Coulombe, Lucienne (Paquette)
B-Feb. 23, 1923--D-April 11, 1959
Lot # 201-1 Place
Daughter of Mastai and Arselie (Gregoire) Paquette
Section D-Row 9-Stone No. 5

Coulombe, Romeo P.
B-Sept 25, 1954 --D-Nov. 21, 2004
Lot # 206-3 Place
Son of Laurent and Lucienne (Paquette) Coulombe
Funeral and Buried on November 26, 2004

Coulombe, Janet (Vetter)
B-Jan. 13, 1958--
Lot # 206-3 Place
Section D-Row 9-Stone No. 6

Coutu, William "Willie" C
B-Sept. 7, 1904--D-Aug. 23, 1977
Lot # 133-C- 2 Places

Coutu, Rose Eva (Archambault)
B-Dec. 7, 1906--D-April 24, 1967
Lot # 133-C-2 Places
Daughter of Joseph and Amanda (Lacasse) Archambault
Born in Rock Forest, Quebec
Section C-Row 3-Stone No. 12

Courtemanche, Mrs.
Lot # 33-A-2Places
Section A-Row 5-No Headstone-Between Headstone 7 & 8

Couture, Donald
Lot # 52-2 Places
Son of Martin A and Audrey (Tourangeau) Couture
Section E-Row 3

Couture, Hormidas
B-March 15, 1911--D-Nov. 7, 1993
Lot # 71-C-4 Places
Son on Noe and Georgiana (Daudelin) Couture

Couture, Irene (Chailfoux)
B-March 7, 1911--D-Aug. 25, 1991
Lot # 71-C-4 Places
Daughter of Ernest and Alicia Chailfoux
Born in Frelighsburg, Quebec

Couture, Normand
Lot # 71-C-4 Places
Son of Hormidas and Irene (Chailfoux) Couture

Couture, Jeannie
Lot # 71-C-4 Places
Daughter of Hormidas and Irene (Chailfoux) Couture

Couture, Jacqueline
B-Sept. 19, 1964--D-Baby--2 Days old
Lot # 71-C-4 Places
Daughter of Paul and Raymonde (Rabitaille) Couture
Section A-Row 3-Stone No. 19

Couture, Martin A
B-Feb. 15, 1925--D-Feb. 9, 1987
Lot # 17-2 Places
Son of Victor and Olivina (Allard) Couture

Couture, Audrey (Tourangeau)
B-Sept. 27, 1929--D-Nov. 17, 2009
Lot # 17-2 Places
Daughter of Frederick and Rose (Roberts) Tourangeau
Section E-Row 2

Couture, Gerald "Judd"
B-1923--D-1995 (Cremated)
Lot # 18-A-2 Place

Couture, Marie (Chalifoux)
B-1923--D-1995 (Cremated)
Lot # 18-A-2 Place
Section E-Row 2

Couture, Victor
Lot # 168-4 Place

Couture, Olivina (Allard)
Lot # 168-4 Place
Section B-Row 3-Stone No. 2

Couture, John B
B-Oct 18, 1911--D-April 25, 1985
Lot # 161-A-2 Places
Son of Victor and Olivina (Allard) Couture
Born in Cowansville, Quebec

Couture, Luelia
Lot # 161-A-2 Places
Section B-Row 4-Stone No. 3

Craig, Joseph E Jr.
Lot # 102-R-2 Places

Craig, Lorraine E (Bessette)
B-Jan. 8, 1954--D-Aug. 11, 1978
Lot # 102-R-2 Places
Daughter of Marcel and Ester (McKelvey) Bessette
Section G-Row 4

Crickx, Joseph J
B-Sept. 19, 1863--D-July 31, 1944
Lot # 102-E-3 Places
Son of John and Matilda Crickx
Born in Belgium and Died in Richford, Vermont

Crickx, Julia (Gero)
B-Aug. 22, 1870--D-Feb. 10, 1942
Lot # 102-E-3 Places
Daughter of Frank and Ovilla (LaBelle) Gero
Born in Williston and Died in Richford, Vermont

Crickx, Carmi E
B-Jan. 15, 1900--D-July 24, 1967
Lot # 102-E-3 Places
Son of Joseph J and Julia (Gero) Crickx
Born in Enosburg and Died in Burlington, Vermont
Section C-Row 13-Stone No. 2

Cull, James T
Lot # 128-A-2 Places

Cull, Lena M (Donlon)
B-April 29, 1874--D-Sept. 30, 1966
Lot # 128-A-2 Places
Daughter of Martin F Sr. and Mary Jane (Royston) Donlon
Born in Dunham, Quebec
Section C-Row 8-Stone No. 8

Cummings, Marshall
B-Dec. 21, 1883--D-
Lot # 81-B-2 Places
Section A-Row 5-Stone No.20

Cummings, Arthur Paul
B-April 29, 1948--D-April 15, 2003
Lot # 191-A-1 Places
Son of Melzer and Germaine (Mayhew) Cummings
Born in St Albans and Died in St Albans, Vermont
MR 2 US Navy-Vietnam
Section B-Row 5-Stone No. 1

Cummings, Melzer D
B-May 14, 1924--D-Sept 20, 1982
Lot # 191-2 Places
Son of Herbert and Leta (Knox) Cummings
Born in Granby, Connecticut

Cummings, Germaine E (Mayhew)
B-July 7, 1925--D-Sept. 1, 2014
Lot # 191-2 Places
Daughter of Arthur and Tanilla (LePage) Mayhew
Born in Montgomery Center and Died in Burlington, Vermont
Section B-Row 5-Stone No. 1