A la Carte Breakfast

Morning Options:

Assorted Bagels with Regular and Veggie Cream Cheese $2.95 each
Assorted Fresh Baked Muffins $2.95 each
Assorted Scones or Pastries $2.95 each
Fresh Sliced Fruit Platters $3.50 per person
Whole Fruits  $2.50 each
Assorted Flavored Yogurt Cups $2.50 each
Granola Bars  $2.50 each

Beverage Selections:

Fresh Brewed Coffee and Tea 10-12 cups $25.00 per pot
Assorted Individual Juices by the Bottle  $2.95 each
Lemonade, Iced Tea, and Soda by the Pitcher, serves 10, $8.95 per pitcher
Milk available in Skim, 2%, and Chocolate, serves 10, $8.95 per pitcher
Bottles of Spring Water  $2.00 each